Our Fleet and Crew

Robinson R44 Clipper: 

Holds three passengers. The R44 is one of the world's best selling and most popular civilian helicopter. Its large windows provide an unmatched view, while its size and maneuverability make for an unforgettable ride. The Clipper designation indicates fixed utility floats attached to each skid. This give the helicopter the ability to land in water as part of its regular operation, and lowers the center of gravity, making for a smoother ride.

Top speed: 120 Knots
Maximum takeoff weight: 2500lbs
Range: 345 Miles
Length: 38 Feet

Bell JetRanger III with deployable floats:

Holds four passengers. The JetRanger has a spacious interior and smooth ride. Perfect for group sightseeing, real estate tours, and aerial photography. A very powerful and reliable helicopter used the world over by civilian, military, and police forces.

Top speed: 120 Knots
Maximum takeoff weight: 3,200lbs
Range: 350 Miles
Length: 42 Feet
Main rotor diameter: 33.3 Feet

Dane Armstrong, Owner/Chief Pilot


Dane is the owner and operator of both Friday Harbor Helicopter and San Juan Aviation. Founded in 2001 to provide quality scenic tours of the Pacific Northwest and also for Sales and Leasing of Helicopters and Parts under San Juan Aviation. Dane has been in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years and holds multiple endorsements and flight certificates in both Rotary and Fixed-wing Aircraft. 

Tarek Husevold,  Commercial Rotorcraft Pilot


Tarek started flying Helicopters in October of 2008.  He is an Instrument Rated, Certified Flight Instructor.  After being rescued by a Navy Helicopter in the Mt. Baker wilderness, he was inspired to become a pilot, with the ultimate goal of saving lives.  Tarek has experience flying in the demanding conditions and mountainous terrain of Northwest Washington, and Alaska.  He accomplished his training with Glacier Aviation (WA) with a majority of his flight time in Robinson R22′s, and R44′s, also acquiring his Turbine Transition in the Bell 206 and Eurocopter A-star.  He is an organized and dedicated commercial pilot, capable of providing instruction in multiple makes of helicopters.  He specializes in Photo/Filming flights, and is available for scenic tours.  Living in Bellingham WA, Tarek spends his free time as a Mountain Education Instructor at Mt Baker Ski Area in the winter months.

Kelix Scott,  Commercial Rotorcraft Pilot


Born, raised, and trained in the Pacific North West, Kelix Scott is a Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor. After being exposed to helicopters through skiing and fishing in Alaska, he was motivated to become a pilot. In Kelix's spare time, you will find him hiding out in the mountains skiing and white water kayaking.

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