Aerial Tours

Enjoy one of our standard tours, which departs from Friday Harbor or any local airport including Bellingham and Arlington.  We can take you around the major islands and landmarks of the San Juans and many other places including Mt. Baker. We can customize your tour to give you a birds eye view of the beautiful coastline or mountain terrain of the Pacific Northwest.

Tour the islands and Pacific Northwest in style, with a view like no other. The best way to see the Washington's beauty is from the air, and flying by helicopter is a truly unique experience.

Your journey will be unforgettable and fun with experienced local guide and pilot Dane Armstrong and his crew.

Tour Map
Click the image to get a better view of our classic tour area.
Sight Seeing Tours
We'll take you up in any aircraft for as long as you want, to go wherever you want within 25 nautical miles of your point of departure. Make up your own route, check out your house from the air, or just fly around.
Real Estate Tours
Give potential buyers a bird's eye view of real estate, and a ride they'll never forget. Need aerial photos of a property for sale? We have a staff photographer available! Inquire for details.
Professional Services
We host photographers, camera crews, and researchers. Contact us for more information on the aviation service we can offer you!
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